The man was sentenced to 1310 years in prison: what he did

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Sentenced to more than a thousand years of imprisonment, he was a member of the most violent gang in Central and North America.

A member of the international criminal group Mara Salvatruch (“Salvadoran army ants”), also known as MS-13, Wilmer Segovia was found guilty of 33 murders, 9 cases of complicity in murders and a number of other serious crimes.

This is reported by the British edition of Metro, citing a statement by the Attorney General of El Salvador, Rodolfo Delgado.

For the crimes committed, the court sentenced him to 1,310 years in prison.

Another member of the gang, Miguel Angel Portillo, was imprisoned for 945 years. He was found guilty of 22 murders, 4 cases of complicity in murder, attempted murder and fraud.

“The gang members who caused so much pain and tears to Salvadorans will not be released from prison. They will remain under lock and key until they pay for each of their crimes. We will deal with this,” the prosecutor general assured.

The MS-13 group is active in several countries, primarily in the USA, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. According to various estimates, the number of criminal syndicates ranges from 50 to 300 thousand people. The participants' tattoos tell the stories of the crimes they committed and the loved ones they lost during their criminal activities.

It is estimated that there are 2,500 members of this group in prisons in El Salvador.

Recall that in Thailand a man was sentenced to two years in prison for selling calendars with satirical cartoons of yellow ducks on social networks, which, according to the court, ridiculed the country's monarch.

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