The Marines destroyed the “Orlan-10” and “covered” the Russians who wanted to pick up the wreckage


Marines destroyed the Orlan-10 and

Marines landed the Russian Orlan-10 UAV/Marine Corps Command

Ukrainian marines destroyed the Russian multi-purpose unmanned aerial system “Orlan-10”. Moreover, the military of the Russian Federation tried to take away their drone, but our fighters were not at a loss and struck at the “bird seekers”.

This information was reported on the Facebook of the Marine Corps Command. The marines are sincerely surprised by the “professional” equipment of the Russian Federation.

The report says that the Ukrainian marines are firmly defending their state from the Russian invasion in many areas. According to preliminary data, a unit of the 501st Separate Marine Battalion shot down a Russian Orlan-10 UAV.

According to the Marines, Orlan-10 flew quite low for this type of drone, and was within range of small arms. The fighters suggested that the drone was running out of fuel or had some other problems, since the Russians are careless about their own equipment. kilometers, – noted in the command.

Interestingly, immediately after the “landing” of the UAV, a group of marines went to the crash site and met the Russian military. Those, in turn, under the cover of an armored personnel carrier, sought to take back their Orlan-10.

Photo of the downed Orlan-10:

Marines destroyed Orlan-10

 The Marines destroyed the

Marines destroyed the Orlan-10 and

“Our marines did not lose their heads, went around from the flanks and gave battle. As soon as these soldiers heard the first shots, despite the fact that they were covered by an armored personnel carrier, they ran away, even the grove was noisy “, – they wrote in the message.

As a result of the strike, two Russians were injured, one of whom was seriously injured. It is noted that the Russian military managed to escape, but they did not save their “bird”.

“Just look, an ordinary eggplant instead of a fuel tank … Technology, innovation, computerization – no, they have not heard,” the Marines are surprised .

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