The “May fun” of the bunker dolbogray should be thwarted: how the war will develop further



Ukrainians are gaining new victories step by step in the war with Russia/”Army Inform”

The situation remains dire. The enemy is persistently trying to create favorable conditions for himself to launch the active phase of a strategic offensive operation in the southeast of our country.

The enemy “shuffles” the shock groups

By hook or by crook, his strike groups are being replenished. Moreover, this continues to be carried out both in the process of their concentration and even in deployment.

The transfer of fresh enemy forces and means to the Vasilyevka area, in the Tokmak-Pologi-Chernigovka triangle, and also southwest of Volnovakha is recorded.

In the area of ​​Izyum, the enemy, in parallel with attempts to actively operate in the southwestern and southern directions, also continues to accumulate forces and means as part of his strike group operating in this direction. This process is quite complicated for him – the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the possibility of a fairly dense fire impact on enemy communications in this area (meaning the area of ​​​​the transport hub near Kupyansk and further along the Oskol River).

Where will the occupiers be thrown from near Kyiv and Chernihiv

The accumulation of operational-tactical reserves continues. Part of the forces from which, it should be understood, will be allocated to the strategic reserve. The concentration of such forces and means is noted in the area of ​​Boguchar and Valuyka.

There is also no doubt that with the restoration of the minimum required level of combat capability, the command of the enemy troops will use both for the current strengthening of their already existing groups, and to allocate to the reserve their units and subunits from the former Kiev and Chernigov groups.

At the same time, about a third of their composition continues to occupy the positional area along the line of the Gomel-Klintsy-Bryansk road. However, there is no doubt that after the “restoration” a significant part of them will be brought into battle along the Zolochev-Volchansk line or to cover the right flank of the Izyum group and head to Bolshoy Burluk (in the Shevchenkovsky area, possibly along the Pechenegy-Stary Saltov line). p>

Mainly from those who acted at the first stage in the Sumy region (there the degree of “defeat” turned out to be beyond comprehension, so they will most likely be replenished with “Kiev” and “Chernihiv”), and then they will be strengthened by all of them together flank zones of the Izyum grouping).

Hot directions

Through a series of tactical active actions, the Russian military command is trying to get convenient exit lines for moving into a massive and large-scale offensive. So far, it has not been very successful for them, but in this regard, “it's clearly not yet evening.”

This issue is characterized by attempts by Russian troops to operate southeast of Zaporozhye and northwest of Volnovakha, in order to create operational prerequisites for a further operational-tactical offensive to the north and northwest.

Where Putin's May “triumph” will be buried

In the Kherson-Nikolaev operational zone, the enemy, in order to hold a foothold on the right bank of the Dnieper, seeks to carry out the so-called “active defense”, from time to time performing counterattack actions at the tactical level. It must be understood that in this way, trying to level the process of constant pressure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on both flanks of its bridgehead.

For example, trying to keep the coastal road between Kherson and Liman, the enemy recently tried to activate on the Sofievka-Aleksandrivka section with unsuccessful consequences .

Especially the command of the enemy troops in this sector is concerned about the possibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine advancing along the Nikolaev-Kherson road in the sector from Posad-Pokrovsky to Chernobaevka, as well as along the Maryanskoye-Berislav road in the general direction to the crossing across the Dnieper near Nova Kakhovka.

In the event of a “further deterioration of the situation” in this operational zone, the command of the enemy troops, there is no doubt, will try to literally “cling to every piece of land” on the right bank of the Dnieper. For otherwise, the strategic importance of this entire operational zone will increase very sharply and significantly, and clearly not in favor of the occupiers. Moreover, in this case, all the “May fun” of the bunker fucking, which is planned and planned, can generally be thwarted and fucked up in the bud. >Directly in the zone of the Joint Forces (OS) operation, the enemy is engaged in attempts to frontally oust our troops from their previously occupied positions.

In particular, fierce battles are going on along the line Svyatogorsk – Rubizhnoye, directly in the zone of Severodonetsk – Lysichansk, Popasnaya – Bakhmut and from Toretsk to Ugledar, taking into account Avdeevka and the Marinka – Kurakhovo region. The enemy's permanent offensive actions in these areas are still being fended off by the stubborn defense of the OS.

The “invisible” front

The enemy conducts a variety of dense reconnaissance and monitoring, both directly in operational zones and areas, and in operational and strategic depth battle formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is a sharp activation of its technical intelligence.

There are also repeated and persistent attempts to collect information on the Internet about the movement of forces and means of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to intensify “work with surveys” among Ukrainian citizens living in the unoccupied territory of the country (especially in the regions adjacent to the main operational zones) and sympathetic to “the conduct of a special military operation of the Russian Federation”, etc.

In a number of areas and zones, especially adjacent to the main operational zones, quite active activity of the enemy's sabotage and reconnaissance network is recorded . In addition, the general operational situation is aggravated by the intensification of criminals in these areas.

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