The mayor of Poltava Mamai was not sent into custody: he is suspected of treason


Poltava Mayor Mamai was not taken into custody by the court: he is suspected of treason

The current mayor of Poltava, Alexander Mamai, is suspected of high treason. However, it became known that the Kyiv District Court of the city did not choose a measure of restraint for the official, although the prosecutor insisted on this.

On Friday, January 20, a closed meeting was held in one of the district courts of Poltava, at which Alexander Mamai was supposed to choose a measure of restraint, but this did not happen. However, the prosecutor's office reports that the mayor was nevertheless suspended from duty until March.

Mamai will be at large

Note that the decision to arrest the mayor Poltava hosted Judge Yuri Babenko. Specifically, he released Mamai under a personal obligation.

A closed court session to consider a petition for a measure of restraint for Mayor Mamai Alexander has ended. For the results of consideration of this petition, the court decided to refuse to apply a preventive measure in the form of detention to Mamay Alexander Fedorovich, the press service of the court said in a statement.

At the same time, it is known that consideration of the following the prosecutor's petition for the complete removal of Mamai will take place at 10:15, January 23. Actually, this decision was made by the same judge Babenko.

Pay attention! Local media in Poltava region state that Mamai is obliged to appear at court hearings in the future. In addition, within five days, the prosecutor's office will appeal to the court of appeal with an appeal against the decision.

Background: the case of the mayor of Poltava Mamai

  • On December 29, 2022, the Security Service of Ukraine announced suspicion of Oleksandr Mamai. Law enforcement officers visited the official's office in order to do this.
  • High-ranking officials suspect that he disseminated information about the deployment of units of the Armed Forces of our state and thus helped the enemy. Note that this is Article 144 of the Criminal Code of our state.

SBU security forces in Mamai's office: see photo

We also recall this topic that in France the court released on bail the fugitive oligarch Konstantin Zhevago. He was suspected of having created a scheme in which he illegally squandered 112 million United States dollars.

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