The media announced the Russian passport of the official of the Ministry of Defense Liev, he denied


The media announced the Russian passport of an official of the Ministry of Defense Liev, he denied it

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">Alexander Liev, Acting Head of the Department of Military-Technical Policy, Development of Arms and Military Equipment of the Ministry of Defense, has been “on the ear” over the past few days “in the media. In particular, this concerns his “dark past”.

Ukrainskaya Pravda sources in Ukrainian intelligence reported that Alexander Liev allegedly has a Russian passport. The official himself denies this. He assures that he has only Ukrainian citizenship and never had a Russian passport.

Liev denies the UP information

UP journalists turned to Liev for a comment. He stated that he was shocked by this information and said that he was not depicted in the photo of the document provided by the UP. Also, his surname in English is incorrectly indicated there.

Scan of a document provided by the UP/Photo by the UP

He believes that all the negative and flurry of public criticism , which he encountered, will affect his work and slow down the processes that he is engaged in in the ministry.

This is complete trash. I do not have and have never had any other citizenship except Ukrainian. I did not apply for the citizenship of another country,” he said.

He also said that when the Russians occupied Crimea, “there they really gave out Russian citizenship to people without consent, but by that time I had already worked for a long time at Suspilny “”.

According to the photo provided by the UE, Liev’s allegedly Russian passport was issued in 2019. In addition, it says that he was born in Moscow, although in fact Liev was not born.

Pay attention! On February 2, it became known that the acting head of the military-technical policy department of the Ministry of Defense, Alexander Liev wrote a letter of resignation.

He was in the Party of Regions and urged to “hear Crimea”: what is known about Liev

  • Recently, the head of the Anti-Corruption Action Center, Vitaly Shabunin, recalled the scandalous statements of a Defense Ministry official. Against the background of the latest procurement scandal, this post attracted a lot of attention.
  • In particular, he recalled the years when Liev was the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea under President Viktor Yanukovych.
  • Shabunin recalled , as on March 5, 2014, when Russian troops were already in Crimea and 11 days before the referendum rigged by Russia, Alexander Liyev, in a public interview, called on Kyiv to “hear Crimea”.
  • Then he also said that “the problem Crimea” will be decided by “the legalization of the referendum and holding it together with the Ukrainian authorities, whatever it may be, and the expansion of Crimea's powers to the level of full-fledged autonomy.”
  • Liev stated that the inhabitants of Crimea were allegedly pressured by “information flurry” , which provoked a “feeling of fear” in them. The official said “that we are all mentally Russian”, despite the fact that many speak Ukrainian.
  • At the end of the interview, he said that “there are no enemies here”, and then freely entered “the premises of the Crimean government , which by that time was already controlled by the Russian military”.

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