The media found out how many Leopard tanks are in the warehouses of the Bundeswehr

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Media found out how many Leopard tanks are in the warehouses of the Bundeswehr

Now the "leopards" are in various stages of repair or readiness for deployment to the battlefield.

The Bundeswehr has 320 Leopard 2 tanks in stock. However, it is not known how many are ready for use on the battlefield.

This was reported to CNN by a representative of the German Ministry of Defense.

We are talking about all series of tanks Leopard 2-A5, A6 and A7. He noted that they are in various states of readiness for deployment.

According to the speaker, the Bundeswehr no longer has tanks of the older Leopard 1 model.

Earlier, arms manufacturer Rheinmetall said it had 139 Leopard 2s in stock, but only 29 of those would be ready for delivery this spring. The rest of the stock needs to be ready over a longer period of time, according to the company.

A Rheinmetall spokesman said that of the remaining stock – 88 Leopard 1 tanks – some could be delivered in about nine months and the rest in a year .

Another German arms manufacturer, FFG, has 99 Leopards, but only the older Leopard 1 series.

Recall that, according to Spiegel, Germany is finally agreed to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine. The German leadership, and in particular Chancellor Olaf Scholz, doubted for a long time the adoption of such a decision.

Bloomberg wrote that Berlin would grant permission for the re-export of German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine tomorrow, January 25.

Earlier, the media wrote that Scholz was ready to allow it only when the United States sends its own Abrams tanks to Ukraine, but this information was denied in Berlin.

Today, Sky News Arabia wrote that US President Joe Biden allegedly agreed to transfer 10 Abrams tanks to Ukraine to influence Germany.

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