The media have established the names of more than 90 invaders who died in Makiivka: in fact, there are many more of them


The media have established the names of more than 90 invaders who died in Makiivka: in fact, there are many more

On December 31, the Armed Forces of Ukraine powerfully hit the vocational school building in Makiivka, where hundreds of invaders died. Propagandists have already made public the lists of the invaders who went to the next world.

RosSMI has identified more than 90 soldiers who died in the Donetsk region. This is reported by Channel 24.

Who died in Makiivka

So, it is known about 92 soldiers who died in Makeyevka. However, propagandists say that this list may be longer.

As it turned out, most of the dead invaders were mobilized from the Samara region. The youngest was 22 years old, the oldest – 48 years old.

The media noted that the fate of 15 invaders who died in Makeyevka is still unknown. DNA material was taken from several families in order to find matches with those who died during the shelling.

Lists of the names of the dead occupiers in Makeevka/Russian media

Ukrainian Armed Forces strike on occupiers in Makiivka: all that is known

  • On the night of January 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a missile attack on a vocational school in temporarily occupied Makiivka.
  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the strike and reported the destruction of up to 10 units of enemy equipment of various types.
  • According to various sources, about 400 invaders were killed as a result of the strike, and another 300 were injured. However, Russia initially announced only 63 dead.
  • The ISW named the likely causes of the strike. The reason for the mass death of Russian soldiers in the war is the rash actions of the command.
  • By the way, photos of the invaders before the “pop” in Makeevka were published on the network. In the published picture, you can see that the smiling occupiers set the table for the celebration of the New Year. But later they were caught by a “clap” and the soldiers could no longer smile.
  • The leadership of the so-called Ministry of Internal Affairs of the quasi-republic in Donbass held a business meeting on the consequences of the attack. During the discussion, it was decided to identify the “guilty” in the incident with exemplary punishment.
  • Thus, the leadership found “scapegoats” allegedly responsible for the attack on Makeevka. They were the deputy head of the Makeevka police department and 7 “people's policemen”.
  • Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko said that the wives of the Russian mobilized after the strike on Makeevka are asking to remove men from the front line in Ukraine. According to him, the best option for the Russian army would be to overthrow Vladimir Putin from power.

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