The media reported on the fifth victim of the terrorist attack in Vienna

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The media reported on the fifth victim of the terrorist attack in Vienna

The number of victims of the terrorist attack in Vienna has grown to five people, reports the Heute edition. The same information appeared on the TV channel.

According to Heute, a young man who was 21 years old died. He received serious injuries as a result of shelling. As the newspaper writes, four bullets hit him in the chest.

Previously, two women and two men died from their injuries. One of the attackers also died in the shootout.

According to the Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, the murdered man was 20 years old, his name was Kujtim Fejzulai. He held dual citizenship of Austria and North Macedonia.

In April 2019, he was sentenced to 22 months in prison for trying to leave for Syria to join the Islamic State terrorist organization (banned in Russia). In early December 2019, he was released early. Earlier this was reported by the Austrian media.

During the attack, according to Nehammer, he had a dummy belt with explosives, as well as two pistols and a machete.

Earlier it was reported that in hot pursuit after the attack, the police detained several suspects. Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky reported that among the detainees there are people from the North Caucasus. According to him, the raids take place not only in the capital, but in other cities of Austria.

A series of attacks in Vienna took place in the late evening of November 2. Some of the attackers fled. The authorities advised residents to be careful not to leave their homes unnecessarily.

Security measures were increased in the country, a number of facilities were taken under the control of the military. Control at the country's borders was also strengthened.

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