The meeting place of Putin and Biden was called “leading to a stupor”

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The meeting place of Putin and Biden was called

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin

The choice of the venue for the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin “leads to a stupor.” This opinion was expressed by Forbes analyst Ken Roberts.

According to him, in the entire history of the presidency of American presidents, they almost never chose the opponent's region for their first meetings. The only exceptions are two cases, which may be close to being perceived as “the entry of the US leader into hostile territory.”

The 33rd US President Harry Truman made his first foreign trip to Germany after the unconditional surrender of the Third Reich in May 1945 and took part in the Potsdam Conference, which established the main parameters of the post-war development of Europe. Four days after his return, the United States dropped the first of two atomic bombs on Japan.

Donald Trump traveled to Saudi Arabia, considered an unfriendly state to the United States, announcing $ 110 billion in arms sales to the Arab country during his visit.

At the start of a presidential term, American leaders tend to visit Canada and Mexico. Throughout history, US presidents have chosen these countries for their first visit eight and four times, respectively.

Joe Biden was the first US president to choose Switzerland for his opening “overseas tour” visit. According to the observer, if the American leader wanted to be unconventional and “go straight to the enemy as president,” he could choose a dominant power like China, rather than a largely neutral Switzerland, the observer said.

Earlier it was reported that the meeting of the Presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, will be held on June 16 in Geneva. As the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov clarified, the details of the negotiations have yet to be agreed upon. The White House, in turn, confirmed the date of the upcoming summit, the press secretary of the American leader Jen Psaki said that the heads of state would discuss the full range of topical issues, recalling that Washington seeks to restore predictability and stability in Russian-American relations.

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