The Metropolitan Fund raised 20 million hryvnias for housing construction in the Kyiv region


The Metropolitan Fund raised 20 million hryvnia for the construction of housing in the Kyiv region

The Metropolitan Fund of the OCU will build temporary housing for people who lost their homes due to the war/

The OCU Metropolitan Fund will build temporary comfortable housing for Ukrainian families whose houses were destroyed by the invaders as a result of the Russian war against Ukraine.

Such a social initiative of the Metropolitan Fund has already received 20 million hryvnias. They were provided by the head of the Patronage Council of the Foundation Andrey Matsola.

By mid-summer, these funds will be used to build houses for 50 families, the first of them will be able to move in at the beginning of June.

It is known that the installation of modular houses will begin from the Kiev region, namely in Gostomel, in the villages of Ozernoe, Moshchun and other settlements that were badly damaged during the hostilities and the Russian invasion.

According to the head of the Patronage Council of the Metropolitan Fund of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Andriy Matsola, Gostomel, Ozera, Moshchun, Irpin, Bucha are all close to Vyshgorod, the place where the Matsola family lives.

Thousands of people from these cities after the Russian occupation were left without their own homes, literally homeless.

Seeing their grief, no one can remain indifferent. I unquestioningly believe that there will be various programs to restore housing, but their start is a matter of time. And the residents of the Kyiv region, especially those who did not leave and survived the occupation here, in their native land, now, all the more, will not leave it,” Matsola added.

He added that these people today are forced to live either in the open air, or seek refuge with relatives or acquaintances. For this reason, the need to build houses is vital and urgent.

After the restoration of family housing in the Kiev region, it will be possible to transfer this housing to other Ukrainians affected by the war.

Primate of the Orthodox Church, His Beatitude Metropolitan Epiphanius notes that the Ukrainian people have always been distinguished by their sensitivity, kind heart and mutual assistance, the ability to unite and rally for the sake of saving others – their brothers and sisters.

I know that today everyone works for on my front, having chosen my direction of helping others, however, I want to call on those who have such an opportunity to join this important initiative of the OCU Metropolitan Fund and help those of our neighbors who, unfortunately, have lost everything, – added Metropolitan Epiphanius.

For details on how to join the project, please call +38 050 352 52 36 o. Roman (Kogut) or follow the link.

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