The Ministry of Defense denied sending unprepared mobilized to the front line


The Ministry of Defense denied sending unprepared mobilized to the front line

The Russian invaders are promoting the narrative that the Ukrainian conscripts are immediately sent without preparation to Bakhmut. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine denied this fake.

This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar. She stressed that the mobilized, who did not do military service, are sent to training centers.

Malyar noted that due to the large-scale war, the training of rank and file and non-commissioned officers takes place on a reduced schedule, but without reducing the quality of training.

Note! If you are sent to the front line without weapons skills and training, you must report this to the hotline numbers. To do this, you should give the name and surname of the mobilized person and the number of the military unit to which they were sent, and which the TCC SP sent. Ministry of Defense hotline numbers:

  • 0-800-500-410,
  • 0-800-500-442,
  • 044-454-44-99

In addition, you need to know that the mobilized are sent to different directions, and not just to the East.

There are quite a few rear military units in different regions of Ukraine, the task of which brings our victory closer. The spectrum is wide – from educational institutions and divisions to bases, warehouses and arsenals, here you can also add repair parts, communications and cyber defense parts, – said Anna Malyar.

In this context, she remembered airfields, hospitals and car depots, where round-the-clock security and defense are also needed. Mobilization also takes place for such positions.

Yury Ignat, Speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, noted that the Air Force needs motivated defenders and defenders. You can become a professional sky defender at Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National Air Force University.

He stressed that regardless of mobilization, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine needs, first of all, the necessary motivated youth. According to Ignat, with the upcoming entry of Ukraine into NATO, the prospect of military service, especially in the Air Force, looks very attractive. However, for this it is necessary to win and rebuild a strong country, the speaker added.

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