The Ministry of Defense has developed a drone for indoor reconnaissance

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Military innovative technopolis “ERA” (subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of Russia) has developed a small unmanned aerial vehicle “Mukha” for indoor reconnaissance. The device was presented at the “Army-2021” exhibition.

“The Mukha reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle is designed to survey dangerous (inaccessible) spaces in conditions of interference (numerous obstacles), including the loss of remote control,” RIA Novosti quotes an excerpt from the materials at the technopolis stand.

The peculiarity of the “Fly” is the presence of a carbon fiber body. Such a housing will provide protection for the screws in case of collisions with objects. Technopolis also presented reconnaissance drones camouflaged as birds.

Also on the forum “Army” presented a new landing cargo-passenger armored car K-4386 ZA-SPN, which has increased security and maneuverability. In addition, the visitors were shown the S-8L corrected missile developed by Kalashnikov, which can be used with unmanned aerial vehicles, and a prototype of the PPK-20 submachine gun.

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