The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine explained why Putin arrived in Mariupol at night


The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine explained why Putin arrived in Mariupol at night

The Kremlin dictator on the night of March 19 decided to push into the destroyed and Russian-occupied Mariupol. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine explained why he chose this particular time for this.

The Ministry of Defense noted that Putin pushed into Ukrainian Mariupol like a real thief – under the cover of night. Particularly because it is safer for the dictator himself.

Why Putin came to Mariupol at night

The Ministry of Defense also noted that the darkness on the street made it possible to hide the fact that Mariupol was destroyed by Russian troops. That is, the dictator covers up his own crimes with darkness.

As befits thieves, Putin visited Ukrainian Mariupol under the cover of night. First, it's safer. In addition, the darkness allows him to light up what he wants to show and keeps the city, which is completely destroyed by his army, and its few surviving inhabitants away from prying eyes. – said the Ministry of Defense.

Reaction to Putin's visit to Mariupol

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol. The network has already called him a demonstration of his fear.

The Kremlin dictator, like a thief, made his way into the city in the middle of the night. Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadim Denisenko noted that Putin did not take a personal cameraman and photographer to either Mariupol or Sevastopol, and the leader of the aggressor state has a good reason for this. The fact is that the dictator is very afraid, and society is beginning to understand this.

President of Mariupol Television Nikolai Osichenko noted that for the entire time that “the Donbass was bombed for 8 years,” Putin did not come to Donetsk or Lugansk, instead, in such a strange way, he showed how important the land corridor to Crimea was to him and that if you have to make a gesture of tough will, then even Donetsk can become one.

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