The Ministry of Health of Ukraine informed about the limit of possibilities to combat COVID-19

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The Ministry of Health of Ukraine informed about the limit of possibilities to combat COVID-19

Medical facilities in Ukraine to combat coronavirus infection are at their limit. This was announced during a briefing by the country's Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov.

“More than 47 thousand patients with coronavirus stay in our hospitals. We have maximized the number of beds with oxygen – up to 67 thousand. This is the limit – there is nowhere to increase further, because other diseases did not make vacations, ”he said.

According to him, the total occupancy of beds with oxygen is about 58% and continues to grow. The most tense situation, as noted by the head of the Ministry of Health, is observed in Kiev, as well as in Khmelnytsky, Nikolaev and Zhytomyr regions.

Stepanov also noted that the number of sick and fatal cases continues to grow. So, last week, 2,455 patients died from COVID-19, which is 400 more than a week earlier. More than 103 thousand people fell ill in a week. “The statistics are pretty sad,” he said.

On April 2, Ukraine registered an absolute record for coronavirus infections. Then, during the day in the country, the infection was confirmed in almost 19,893 people, 433 infected died. Prior to this, the anti-record was recorded on March 26 (18,132 cases).

According to the monitoring system of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, on April 6, 13,276 new cases of infection were detected, 430 people died.

At the end of February, the Ukrainian authorities extended the quarantine introduced due to the pandemic. The restrictions will remain in effect until April 30th. At this time, an adaptive quarantine model has been introduced in the country, according to which regions are assigned one of four levels of epidemiological danger – green, yellow, orange or red. The yellow level is set as the base for the whole country, at which a number of indulgences are in effect: it is allowed to hold mass events when no more than one person is in an area of 4 sq. m, cinemas and other cultural institutions were allowed to fill the halls by half. The work of restaurants and cafes at night (from 0:00 to 7:00) is prohibited – at this time, catering establishments can only work for delivery. There is a mandatory mask regime in transport and other public places.

Since March 20, in Kiev, quarantine has been tightened for three weeks (until April 9) due to a sharp increase in the number of cases of infection. Thus, the authorities have banned the operation of shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas and restaurants. Since April 5, special passes for public transport have been introduced in the capital of Ukraine. Travel on the metro, buses and trolleybuses is possible only for employees of critical industries. The rest of the authorities advised to transfer employees to a remote mode of work or send them on vacation.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine informed about the limit of possibilities to combat COVID-19

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