The Ministry of Internal Affairs explained why Russia is not preparing to attack from Transnistria


The Ministry of Internal Affairs explained why Russia is not preparing to attack from Transnistria

The Ministry of Internal Affairs believes that the Russians in Transnistria are preparing not for an attack, but for something completely different./AFP

The situation with Transnistria continues to be tense. However, the Russians are not yet thinking about opening an additional front in the Odessa region, but are working on something completely different.

They say that the occupying troops are now busy with other things, but the situation is absolutely opposite. This opinion was expressed by Viktor Andrusiv, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, on Channel 24.

What are the Russian troops doing in Pridnestrovie now

The Russians have long begun to create great tension in the unrecognized republic and escalate the situation as much as possible. However, while the Russian troops in the occupied part of Moldova do not think about trying to open the Odessa direction, the Interior Ministry adviser believes.

The situation is absolutely opposite. Rashists are preparing for the defense of Transnistria, Andrusov said.

He explained that infidels completely block roads and build checkpoints because they are afraid that Ukraine will attack Transnistria and seize weapons depots, which are among the largest in Europe.

Also, Russian invaders fear that that Ukrainians will capture their troops , which are actually very few in number.

“They are conducting absolutely defensive actions and even (rocket – channel 24) attacks on Odessa are an attempt, according to them sick opinion, to destroy the Western weapons that are there, but they really are not there,” the adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted.

Ukraine has the strength to conduct an operation in the quasi-republic, – Andrusov

Andrusiv noted that the Russians do not want to give Ukraine the opportunity to invade Transnistria and seize the quasi-republic.

“What is happening in the Odessa region is an attempt not let us bring actions on Transnistria, because this can turn it into the same thing that they did to us with Mariupol,” he said.

However, the adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs denies that Ukraine has such intentions, because this cannot be done without the permission of the Moldovan government.

If Moldova gives us permission, we have the strength to carry out such an operation. Very quickly resolve the issue of our exchange fund and a large number of shells for our weapons. – said Andrusov.

Situation in Transnistria: latest news

  • In Transnistria people continue to be intimidated. They began to spread fakes about shots allegedly heard from Ukraine.
  • In addition to creating tension in the occupied territory of Moldova, there are worse danger signals. For example, putting troops on full alert.
  • Ukrainian intelligence also reported that Russia was preparing a missile attack on Transnistria to blame Ukraine for this.
  • However, the threat of a possible Russian offensive troops from Transnistria are virtually absent. Fedor Venislavsky believes that intelligence is constantly sharing data about possible dangers.

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