The ministry plans to introduce 5G in cities with a population of one million by 2024

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Moscow. September 2. INTERFAX.RU – The availability of 5G communication should be ensured by 2024 in all cities with a population of over one million in Russia, the head of the Ministry of Digital Science Maksut Shadayev told the students of the Volga State University of Telecommunications and Informatics.

“5G is a critical technology. It was decided to go along the path of creating its own production. Of course, this imposes restrictions on the rate of distribution, but it was more important for the state to control this technology. Now a large program is being implemented to create a production of its own equipment – Rostec has shown working prototypes. In terms of speed, 5G should be available in all cities with a population of 1 million by 2024, ”he said.

He called the rumors about the dangers of 5G groundless.

“It seems to me that there have always been rumors about the dangers of mobile communications. I can say that 2/3 of citizens' requests are asked to install base stations and improve the quality of communication, 1/3 – to dismantle because of proximity and fears. But I think they are groundless .

In June 2021, Rostec announced that it had signed an agreement with the Ministry of Digital Science under which it would receive a subsidy in the amount of 21.46 billion rubles for a period until 2024 to develop a system project for the production of 5G / IMT-2020 equipment and ensure its serial production. The agreement provides for the corporation to organize co-financing of the project in a ratio of at least “one to one” (the total cost of the project in the “road map” is estimated at 42.93 billion rubles).

In accordance with the project roadmap, a comprehensive 5G solution will be developed, including both 5G base stations and a core network (network core). To this end, Rostec is creating technological cooperation between Russian companies that have the appropriate experience and competencies. In addition, a production site will be prepared in Russia, capable of serially producing equipment for 5G networks.

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