The mothers of the missing sailor “Moscow” say that the son is alive, but he still has not called her


The mothers of the missing sailor

The mothers of the missing sailor “Moscow” say that her son is alive, but for some reason he still hasn't called her/Channel 24 collage “Moscow” there were 510 crew members. Russia says no one has died, but many sailors are still “missing in action”.

One of these is 21-year-old Sergei Grudinin from the Amur Region. On April 19, his mother told reporters how cynically they lie to her. And this applies not only to the Russian “defense” ministry. After all, she also called the command of the ship, which, unlike the sailors, really escaped. >Tamara Grudinina says that she first sent an SMS with the data of the son of the deputy commander of the sunken ship to Pavel Vakula. He called her and said: “Your son stayed on the ship.” That is, the sailor hinted that her Sergei's war against the people of Ukraine ended at the bottom of the sea.

I asked: “How so? We entrusted our son to you. How could you?” He says: “I'm to blame. He's not alone, there are many of them,” the woman recalls the conversation.

Then it was her son's former commander who allegedly called her. He said that the sailors were taken out in a “chain” that broke. Like, that's why several people simply “disappeared”.

The sailor's mother cynically lies

Later, the same commander of the sailor Grudinin began to say even more fantastic things to the broken woman. He assured that the guy had a great chance to escape.

“Well, there is hope. 80%”. Then he said: 99%. Somehow he spoke so uncertainly. They talk to us, you know, as if “what are you doing here for us some kind of snot?” – says the sailor's mother.

She was also told other information on the hotline of the Russian military ministry. They were generally convinced there that the conscript's son was “alive, healthy and would call soon.” However, he never called.


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