The mystery of the death of the ancient palace is revealed

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The mystery of the death of the ancient palace is revealed

An international team of scientists from the United States and Israel has proved that the Canaanite palace, built 3,700 years ago, was destroyed by an earthquake. The mystery of the death of an ancient structure is revealed in an article published in the PLoS ONE magazine.

Researchers have excavated a site at the Israeli archaeological site of Tel Kabri, which houses the ruins of a palace and city dating from 1900-1700 BC. They found a trench that ran through part of the palace. It was originally thought to be a modern structure, dug several decades ago, but it turns out that the trench runs under a section of a wall that fell on it in antiquity. In addition, the remains of walls and ceilings were found, beveled in her direction.

Scientists were able to recognize areas where gypsum floors were deformed, walls were tilted or displaced, and mud bricks from walls and ceilings fell into rooms, burying dozens of jugs underneath. According to experts, this indicates an earthquake, and not destruction during the battle, since no traces of fire or weapons were found.

Ancient Canaan is a territory between Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, which was inhabited by various peoples of West Semitic origin.

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