The myth began to crumble: why Russia recognized the multi-billion losses from sanctions


The myth began to crumble: why Russia recognized the multibillion-dollar losses from sanctions

< p _ngcontent-sc171="" class="news-annotation">The aggressor country has admitted hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage due to the sanctions imposed on it. However, Russia continues to direct all its resources to the war against Ukraine.

As a result, the country's economy suffers. Igor Chalenko, a political scientist and head of the Center for Analysis and Strategies, told Channel 24 about this.

“The autumn-winter period will actually bury Russia”

Thus, Russia is trying to transfer part of the sources that finance its state budget to the East, in particular China and India. Today, China receives a 50% discount on Russian energy resources, and the tougher Western sanctions are, the greater the discount China will demand.

Accordingly, the aggressor country simply will not be able to physically send resources to support the war. Even now, due to lack of funding and problems in the military-industrial complex, the occupiers are unable to support a “medium-intensity” war.

This suggests that this bubble, like the Russian myth of a “great state”, has simply burst, – Chalenko explained.

“I am convinced that the autumn-winter period will actually bury Russia, and not aggravate it, as Putin is thinking today,” the political scientist noted.

Chalenko spoke about the economic situation in Russia: watch the video

Sanctions against Russia: what is known

  • Because of the sanctions, the Russian economy is going through hard times. Today, the aggressor country earns much less than it did a year ago. After all, in addition to oil and gas revenues, the Russians had several other areas whose revenues were reduced due to sanctions.
  • Restrictions imposed on Russia cut off its access to technologies with which it could produce weapons. At the same time, the Kremlin is running out of resources to continue the artillery war. Putin today has no other options than to turn to Iran and North Korea for help.
  • Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has touched the wallets of ordinary citizens of the aggressor state. Yes, their incomes and the purchasing power of the population have declined significantly. According to official data from Rosstat, in the first quarter (January-March), real incomes of the population fell by 1.2% compared to 2021, and in the second quarter (April-June), by another 0.8%”.
  • However, seven packages of sanctions have not yet been enough to put pressure on Putin and stop the war against Ukraine, so the EU is already preparing the next one.

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