The network is discussing a video in which the summons was glued to the door: is it legal


The video where the subpoena was stuck on the door is discussed online: is it legal< /p>

A video has surfaced online showing unidentified men in military uniform sticking a summons on an apartment door and then leaving. Human rights activists told whether this is legal.

Mobilization in Ukraine continues to this day. You can serve the summons anywhere.

Is it legal to stick a summons on the door

Lawyer Alexander Zarutsky said that the summons should be handed over personally. Therefore, just sticking a summons on the door and assuming that the person received it, this is not legal.

The summons should be handed in, but pretend that it was handed over by attaching it to the door is not a very correct decision, the lawyer explained.

Human rights activist Eduard Bagirov noted that if a person has not signed the summons, then it has no legal force. Therefore, this person may not appear at the military enlistment office and there will be no legal consequences.

“The fact that they photographed the summons on the door of the apartment also does not matter. They could attach it anywhere. The military had to wait a person and hand the summons in hand and get a signature on delivery. And attaching it to the door is a deviation from the rules for serving summons,” Bagirov emphasized.

How the summons was glued to the door of the apartment: watch the video

Can ZhEK employees hand in a subpoena

Since it is quite difficult to find every citizen liable for military service and hand over the subpoena to him personally, sometimes military registration and enlistment offices transfer documents to village councils , companies or ZhEKam. This was warned by the head of the lawyer association Portnoy and Partners, lawyer Rostislav Kravets.

That is, if an employee of a public utility organization serves a summons, it will be completely legal. However, only on condition that this employee will have the appropriate statement.

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