The network of the Russian GRU was neutralized in the Kharkiv region: they helped to hit the Armed Forces of Ukraine and “hunted” for HIMARS


The network of the Russian GRU was neutralized in the Kharkiv region: they helped to beat the Armed Forces of Ukraine and

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed and stopped the activities of the Russian intelligence network. The traitors acted on the orders of the Russian military intelligence, better known as the GRU.

The attackers had a wide range of tasks. This was reported in the press service of the SBU.

The network of the Russian GRU was neutralized in the Kharkiv region

  • In particular, accomplices of the enemy were exposed:
  • collected and transmitted information about the deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military equipment;
  • were engaged in adjustments and reported on the results of Russian missile and artillery strikes against Ukrainian targets;
  • “hunted” for HIMARS missile systems.

As it turned out, the organizers of the network are two residents of the Kharkov region. They formed a pool of informants from a circle of acquaintances and friends who were used “in the dark”.

In particular, they created groups in instant messengers, in which, disguised as “everyday conversations”, they learned about the results of “arrivals” on objects, as well as the movement of Ukrainian military equipment, its quantity and type.

Both organizers agreed to cooperate with Russia on ideological grounds and because of promises of “high positions” if the region is occupied. They also received a monetary reward for each piece of information,” the department noted.

By the way, one of them moved to the temporarily occupied territory at the beginning of the war and continued his subversive activities. And this despite the fact that his son is a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is fighting against the invaders.

Currently, the SBU has detained a GRU agent who remained on the territory controlled by Ukraine. As a result of a series of searches, evidence of his criminal collaboration with the enemy was obtained. Investigators declared him a suspicion under the article on high treason. The attacker was given a measure of restraint in the form of detention.

SBU exposed the network of the Russian GRU/photo Security Service of Ukraine

A resident of Chuguev worked for Russian agents

According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, a resident of Chuguev helped Russian agents in carrying out explosive activities against Ukraine. For fruitful cooperation, he was promised a high position when the region was completely occupied by the military of the aggressor country.

He found out from local residents and his acquaintances, disguising this as an ordinary conversation about the location of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region. His most important task was to establish the location of foreign military equipment, primarily HIMARS missile systems.

After receiving the information, the man left the necessary marks on the maps for subsequent transfer to the Russian curator.

As a result the police arrested him. The suspect is currently in custody.

A resident of Chuguev worked for Russian agents/photo Office of the Prosecutor General October, she conducted searches at the home of Jonathan, the Vinnitsa Metropolitan of the UOC-MP. The search took place as part of open criminal proceedings.

  • In Dnipro, the SBU found a spotter of enemy fire on the city. It turned out to be a representative of the inner circle of the former People's Deputy Ilya Kiva.
  • Also, a criminal group was exposed in Kyiv, which functioned as a “power cell” of the banned OPPL party. The members of the gang were part of the public association “Patriots for Life”, controlled by the former People's Deputy Ilya Kivi.
  • In addition, the SBU has already detained Russian agents who were preparing the so-called “referendum” in the Mykolaiv region.
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    Worthy of attention – the SBU exposed the intelligence network of the GRU of Russia, which included MP Derkach: watch the video

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