The network published a photo of Putin's armored train

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The network published a photo of Putin's armored train

The Russian dictator, after the start of the war, very often uses the train to move around the country.

The network published a photo of the armored train of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin , on which he moves around the country.

The pictures were taken by Russian amateur photographer Mikhail Korotkov, according to The Washington Post .

It is reported that Korotkov from 2011 to 2022 kept a blog in which he published photos of unusual trains.

For the first time, he published Putin’s armored train back in 2018. Korotkov claims that. This train runs on a secret schedule, has no locomotive identification numbers, and the windows are always closed. One of the cars has a dome at the top, where special communications equipment is probably located.

The blogger stated that the activity of the train increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

“He is rushing like crazy, and all the other scheduled trains clear his way,” Korotkov wrote in his blog in 2021.

After Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, dictator Vladimir Putin has taken the train even more often, because his route is not tracked by radar.

The author of the photo closed his block after the start of the war against Ukraine and left. In September last year, he left Russia and is no longer going to return.

The network published a photo of Putin's armored train

Recall, earlier it was reported that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin again voiced his fiction that the West seemed to be trying to “create anti-Russia” from Ukraine .

In addition, we previously reported that Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, after the fall of the regime in the Russian Federation, would be able to hide only in North Korea .

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