The network showed how Ukrainian defenders entered Kupyansk


The network showed how Ukrainian defenders entered Kupyansk

Ukrainian military continues to successfully conduct a counteroffensive in several directions. Earlier it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered Kupyansk, which had recently been occupied.

Our military not only continues the counteroffensive, but also shows how they liberated settlements from the occupiers. This time there is an opportunity to see how the defenders of Ukraine entered Kupyansk.

We drove through the city, passing the destroyed enemy equipment

You can see on the video how our military on a combat vehicle go through the technique of infidels. The situation around them is actively reported to the management. In addition, our cats, albeit shyly, transmitted congratulations to the camera.And you can watch it forever. Caution, to celebrate, the defenders abused a little profanity.

How the Ukrainian military entered Kupyansk: watch the video

The flag of Ukraine was raised in Kupyansk

< p> Let's notice that photos appeared in a network a little earlier. On them you can see how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding the flag of Ukraine against the background of the administrative building. Under their feet is a rag, which the invaders call their flag. We can note that the building was captured without destruction. This is evidenced by its external condition: whole walls and windows.

But that's not all. A photograph has also appeared in which the military is already photographed with a flag on the roof of a high-rise building in Kupyansk. To finally prove that the city was liberated from the invaders, they also shot a video.

One of the enemies made an optimistic video. On it you can see how he managed to escape from Kupyansk until he was taken under the control of the UAF. At the same time, this video once again proves the fact that the Russians “do not abandon their own people.”

It is interesting that on September 9 another forecast was announced at the Institute for the Study of War. According to him, our military must regain control of Kupyansk in the next 72 hours.

Before that, adviser to the head of the President's Office Mikhail Podolyak explained why it is important to recapture Kupyansk. According to him, the city itself is strategically important for the invaders. And all because both ammunition and enemy reserves are brought through it.

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