The new operating system Windows 11 presented at Microsoft

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The new operating system Windows 11 presented at Microsoft

The new operating system Windows 11 presented at Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation showed a new version of its Windows operating system during an online event, RIA Novosti reports.

The company notes that Windows 11 is the largest operating system update in the last decade, but based on many principles as previous versions of the program.

In Windows 11, the interface has changed significantly – now the “Start” menu is located in the center of the lower bar, reminiscent of the solution from Apple. Also, the live tiles are gone, the taskbar is drawn differently. The operating system has become much lighter visually – the developers have returned to the translucency familiar to users on Windows 7. The possibilities for customization have also increased significantly.

Many of the pre-installed apps have also undergone significant changes. So, the Edge browser got a switch between vertical and horizontal tabs. Application windows can now be arranged in a mosaic, which should be useful for owners of tablets and devices with touch screens.

Apple previously held its annual WWDC 2021 developer conference. The updated macOS desktop operating system was unveiled at the event.

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