The new President of the Czech Republic said that Ukraine deserves to join NATO immediately after the victory

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New Czech President says Ukraine deserves to join NATO immediately after victory

Newly elected Czech President Petr Pavel said Ukraine should be allowed to join NATO, &quot ;as soon as the war is over".

Pyotr Pavel, a retired NATO general, is convinced that Ukraine will be “morally and practically ready” to join the Western alliance after the end of the war with Russia.

This is reported by the BBC.

In his first interview after being elected, Pavel strongly supported military aid to the West for Ukraine, saying there should be “almost no restrictions” on what countries should send .

Pavel also said that sending Western fighters, in particular F-16s, is “not a taboo” for him, but he is not sure that they will have time to arrive in Ukraine on time, necessary for Kyiv.

It should be noted that the Czech Republic was the first Western country to send tanks and infantry fighting vehicles of Soviet production T-72 and BMP1 to Kiev as part of a series of deliveries of heavy weapons that began in March 2022.


Recall that the newly elected President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, plans to leave for Ukraine soon with the President of Slovakia, Zuzana Chaputova.

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