The newest flagship chip Snapdragon 895 will be produced by Samsung

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The newest flagship chip Snapdragon 895 will be produced by Samsung

For smartphone lovers, it is no secret that Qualcomm and Samsung are facing off on mobile chips. Many users even prefer to buy smartphones from the Korean company sold in the United States, purely because of the use of SoC Snapdragon in them.

But, as it turned out, already in 2021, Samsung may become a company that will produce Snapdragon chips itself. And not anyhow, but the flagship – Snapdragon 895, writes NotebookCheck.

The upcoming novelty, like the proprietary SoC Exynos 2200, will be manufactured in accordance with the 4nm process technology, which should make them much more energy efficient with increased performance.

According to the publication, Samsung took over the right to produce Snapdragon chips from TSMC. What may come out of the unexpected collaboration of the Korean IT giant with Qualcomm – we just have to find out.

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