The next Pope may be a Ukrainian, it will be fair – Davidyuk


The next Pope may be a Ukrainian, it will be fair – Davidyuk

Pope Francis treats Ukraine unfairly because of his statements. Therefore, Kyiv should use the conditions to change the situation in its favor, following the example of Poland, and do everything possible for a Ukrainian to become a pontiff.

Ukraine deserves to have its religious leadership heard in the Vatican. Political scientist Mykola Davydyuk told about this Channel 24.

The expert noted that the recent statements of Pope Francis on Ukraine have changed him for the worse. At the same time, he adds that even in Russia, some political scientists have begun to say that Francis is “for them”.

It needs to be used. Poland once took advantage of this, and the religious leadership of Ukraine should be heard in the Vatican. I don't think it's an impossible dream for a Ukrainian to become Pope. After the war we are going through, today we have the most martyrs of the 21st century,” Davidyuk explained.

According to him, it is permissible for Ukraine to think that the Ukrainian Pope will head the Vatican.

“The fact that we can claim in the next elections for our Pope to head the Vatican is also normal. It's just that such tasks need to be set at the state level. Including such communication that the Pope treats Ukraine unfairly today. Such a conclusion can be drawn according to his public communication,” the observer added.

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In his opinion, Pope Francis has always promoted modesty and popularity has always been among the cohort of politicians of the level of US ex-president Barack Obama.

“He was like a politician from California. If you make a general cut of his statements and his policies – in style he is a slightly left-leaning California Democratic politician,” the expert pointed out.

At the same time, he summarizes that because for his activities and statements, the Catholic Church began to lose a large number of flocks, even in Latin America, from where he came to the Vatican.

What Pope Francis said

  • Recently, the Pope again said scandalous speech about the war in Ukraine and played along with Russian propaganda. The pontiff called Daria Dugin, who was allegedly killed near Moscow, “an innocent victim of the war.”
  • The words of Pope Francis support the version of Russian propagandists and special services that Ukraine seems to be involved in the murder of the Russian woman. However, the pontiff refrained from commenting on the views of Dugin herself and her Ukrainian-phobic father, who called for the destruction of Ukrainians.
  • As you know, on the evening of August 20, Alexander Dugin's jeep exploded, killing his daughter Daria Dugin and her driver. Anti-crisis adviser to the head of the President's Office Mikhail Podolyak stressed that Ukraine had nothing to do with what happened to Dughina.
  • But in Russia they decided to transfer the blame to Ukraine. Already on August 22, the FSB of Russia allegedly found the “murderer” Dugina. According to Russia, this is Ukrainian Natalya Vovk, who was allegedly in Azov. However, the regiment of the defenders of Mariupol stated that the Wolf did not belong to them.
  • Also, the accusations of Russia are unsubstantiated and are part of the information war. In particular, thanks to this, the Kremlin is trying to increase the degree of hatred of ordinary Russians towards Ukrainians.

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