The next year will be a turning point, the oppositionist named 4 scenarios for the development of events in 2023


The next year will be a turning point, – the oppositionist named 4 scenarios for the development of events in 2023

The new 2023 will be a turning point for the whole world. There are high hopes that Ukraine will de-occupy all its territory, and the Putin regime will come to an end.

Russian opposition politician Gennady Gudkov spoke about this on Channel 24. According to him, the most important thing is that in 2023 the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin suffered a military defeat in Ukraine. And then Ukraine will sign a just peace on its own terms.

And this will be the countdown point to the complete collapse of the Putin regime. He will not be able to close the country, because he will have questions from his own elite. It can become the main driver of Putin's removal from power. For all these officials. They are losing everything, Gudkov believes.

Now part of the Russian elite should be thinking about how to remove Putin from power. This can guarantee them, according to Gudkov, at least a partial indulgence.

How events may develop in 2023

As Goodcom noted, 2023 should bring victory for Ukraine, peace and the beginning of the collapse of the Putin regime. In Russia itself, there can be 4 scenarios.

The calmest and safest option is an internal coup among the elites. Then a transitional government should be established and new elections should be held on the basis of temporary decrees and laws.

The second, according to Gudkov, is one of the most dangerous options. This is a civil war in Russia among all those interested in power. This could result in a tough disintegration process, separation of nuclear weapons, and so on. This could provoke gigantic flows of refugees and other unpredictable consequences.

One of the unlikely options is that Putin goes to peace, successfully closes the country and actually forms the DPRK out of it in order to prepare for war. This cannot be allowed, because after the truce there may be an even more terrible war.

Option 4 – a revolution from the bottom, so that the people come out. Not a bad option. The best in terms of morality, but so far it is not visible,” Gudkov noted.

Will support for Ukraine decrease after a year of war

  • International partners regularly support Ukraine in the war against Russia. However, the occupiers hope that over time the West will “get tired” and stop providing assistance to Ukraine.
  • According to political scientist Andrei Vigirinsky, this is unlikely to happen. The question of war is not about populism, but about the strategic development of states.
  • In this context, according to Vigirinskiy, support from the US government will not decrease.

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