The ninth day of the tragedy: in the Dnieper, hundreds of people paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the missile attack


The ninth day of the tragedy: hundreds of people in Dnipro paid tribute to the victims of the missile attack

On January 14, Russians carried out a terrorist attack in the Dnieper and hit a residential building with a rocket. A memorial service was held at the site of the tragedy.

This was reported on January 22 at the State Emergency Service in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

” The tragedy that took place in the city on January 14 will remain in the memory of Ukrainians and Dnipro residents. A Russian rocket that destroyed a residential building on Pobedy Embankment claimed the lives of 46 people, including 6 children,” the State Emergency Service wrote.

Dnipro residents came to the destroyed house/Photo by the State Emergency Service

Nine days have passed since the terrorist attack in Dnipro/Photo by the State Emergency Service

People brought flowers and toys to the scene of the murder/Photo by the State Emergency Service

How to say goodbye to the dead/Photo Public Dnipro

How did the commemoration take place

Rescuers noted that on the ninth day of the tragedy, the families of the victims, the leaders of the region and the city, the Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region came to the destroyed house. personnel of rescue units, representatives of law enforcement agencies, citizens.

Prayer for the dead/Photo of the State Emergency Service

Priests at the scene of the tragedy/Photo by the State Emergency Service

Archbishop Simeon of Dnipro and Krivoy Rog served a memorial service for the dead. He prayed at the site of a multi-storey residential building destroyed by an enemy missile.

They honored the memory of the dead residents of the destroyed house with a prayer, lit candles and laid flowers at the place, the State Emergency Service said. >

Consequences of the terrorist act in Dnipro: latest news

  • Elena Zhuravskaya was 73 years old. She was in the house when the enemy rocket hit it. Relatives still cannot find her body.
  • The State Emergency Service has officially completed the search operation. However, Dnipro Mayor Boris Filatov said on January 20 that rescuers were looking for the remains of the bodies of six people. According to the mayor, doctors are fighting for the lives of 20 people who are in serious condition.
  • Filatov also said that the city is establishing how many apartments the enemies have destroyed. Public utilities are conducting an instrumental examination of the entrances, which were located near the destroyed apartments. The mayor noted that after the completion of the instrumental examination, the exact number of those killed would be known.

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