The nomenclature is rather limited: what missiles Russia can still produce


The nomenclature is rather limited: what missiles Russia can still produce

The ability of the Russian invaders to manufacture new missiles is significantly limited. Thus, the aggressor country can actually produce only certain types of weapons.

First of all, we are talking about Russian missiles of the Kalibr and Kh-101 types. Aviation expert Valery Romanenko told Channel 24 about this.

We need to block Russia's supply chains for components

At the same time, Russians no longer produce such missiles as the Kh-55. As for the Kh-22, the occupiers also fire the remnants of these missiles.

In addition, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry held a briefing, which was attended by military attachés. It told what radio-electronic components Russia uses to produce weapons. Thus, it is planned to prevent the occupiers from expanding the production of missiles.

If the channels (the supply of components for the manufacture of missiles – Channel 24) are blocked, then their missile attacks will come to naught, – the aviation expert noted.

In his opinion, this would greatly facilitate the work of our air defense and the Armed Forces generally. After all, Russia uses the same microcircuits in artillery, in guidance systems, and in radio stations. For example, from Texas Instruments.

Romanenko said what missiles Russia can still produce: watch the video

“If it is possible to intensify work on cutting off the ways in which Russia receives radio-electronic components, then in general we have a chance, even without fighters, to significantly improve the situation at the front,” the aviation expert said.

Russia once again massively shelled Ukraine: what is known

  • Today, February 10, the enemy massively attacked Ukrainian cities with rockets for the 14th time. Enemy launches were carried out in several waves, including from ships in the Black Sea and Russian strategic bombers.
  • The enemy hit several high-voltage infrastructure facilities in the Eastern and Western, Southern regions. To minimize the possible consequences of the attack, Ukrenergo reported that they were using emergency shutdowns.
  • During a massive rocket attack, two Russian Kalibr cruise missiles crossed Romanian airspace. Representative of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat said that the Air Force had the opportunity to shoot down these enemy missiles, but they understood the risks and threats to the population of a foreign state, so they did not do it right away.
  • Now Romania does not confirm the passage of Russian missiles. The Ministry of Defense of the country promised to establish all the details, and in the near future to return with official information. At the same time, Moldova has already confirmed the passage of missiles by the terrorist country.
  • Note that Romania is a NATO country. And the Alliance has repeatedly noted that they will regard an attack on one state as an attack on all participants.

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