The number of users of outdated Windows XP is named

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The number of users of outdated Windows XP is named

More than 25 million computers worldwide are running the legacy Windows XP operating system. The number of users was named by TechRadar, citing a study by NetMarketShare.

The system, presented nearly 20 years ago, is installed on 1.26 percent of computers worldwide, according to the report. According to the estimates of journalists, if there are more than two billion computers in the world, then Windows XP is installed on 25.2 million devices. This is more than the share of operating systems released after XP – for example, Windows 8 and Vista, which accounted for 0.57 and 0.12 percent, respectively.

According to experts, the leader in the OS market from Microsoft is the current operating system Windows 10, which has a 56.42 percent share. In second place is the popular Windows 7, its share was 26.03 percent. MacOS 10.15 also got into the top 3 most in-demand operating systems – 3.49 percent of computers in the world run this OS from Apple.

The journalists of the publication noted that support for Windows XP introduced in 2001 was discontinued on April 14, 2014. Thus, the cult OS in the circles of Windows users has not received technical and security updates for more than six years. The experts concluded that using XP could be dangerous for consumers.

Earlier this year, the UK's National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) warned citizens about the dangers of using Windows 7. According to experts, the operating system can harm consumers using Internet banking services and email clients. Earlier, on January 14, Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7 released in 2009.

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