The occupants published a photo with a column of tanks that “went to Azovstal” before the disrupted evacuation


The occupiers published a photo with a column of tanks that

A column of Russian tanks “went to Azovstal” before the evacuation/telegram Andryushchenko Time

The Russians disrupted the evacuation of Ukrainian civilians from Mariupol. They frightened people with shelling and took them to Russia.

The vile Russians continue to criminally take Ukrainians to Russia. The planned evacuation from Mariupol was used for the next deportation of Ukrainians.

A column of tanks before the evacuation

It is interesting that before the planned start of the evacuation, Russian public began to distribute photo of a column of tanks that “went to Azovstal”. It seems that if the Ukrainians did not believe in the “shelling”, they would have opened fire on peaceful Ukrainians.

When it became known about the disrupted evacuation and illegal export of Ukrainians to Russia, the occupiers began to delete photos with tanks. Close-minded Russians do not know that everything that has ever hit the Internet remains in it forever.

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