The occupier complains about the GUR, which intercepts conversations: his fiancee now receives threats


The occupier complains about the GUR, which intercepts conversations: his fiancee is now receiving threats

Russians began to fear that they were being tapped/Channel 24 Collage

Russians are scared not only by insane losses in the war against Ukraine. They began to be afraid of responsibility, from which they would not be able to escape.

The Russian occupiers were firmly convinced that they would be able to hide from the crimes committed behind a mask. Our scouts brought them bad news: they know every bastard who went to fight against Ukraine, killed our heroic soldiers and civilians. None of them will be able to escape a just punishment.

Complaints of the occupiers about wiretapping

Our intelligence officers managed to listen to the conversation of the Russian occupier with his fiancee . She managed to ask him about the murder of 10 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The information was made public, which greatly frightened the invaders.

Well, the occupiers should not worry about the publicity of data – they will be very well known. The occupier – Aflyatonov Ivan Albertovich, born in 1998, was born on September 1, but had no particular desire for knowledge and never managed to become a man. He lives in Kazan, now he has been in the Kherson region since April 22. There is a high probability that the memories of the steppes of Kherson will be the last in his shameful and worthless life.

His passion is Nurutdinova Elina Damirovna, was born on November 23, 2002, lives in the same Kazan and was preparing for a wedding with an occupier, which, after the disclosure of her data, she is afraid not to live. The occupier advised her to block all unknown numbers that would call her at 79053180415.

The occupier asks the girl not to ask him for anything else, because “everyone is serious and listens to everyone.” Well, the Russians always come to the right thoughts with a significant delay. Now everyone knows about the crimes of the occupier, and he cannot escape punishment. And Elina can enjoy “glory” and forget about wedding troubles – “good Russians” no longer get married.

The war between Russia and Ukraine: recent events

  • Taira wrote the first post after release from captivity. Doctors take care of her, she called for everything to be done to free the captives, with whom horror is happening.
  • Occupiers-deserters after the battle near Izyum decided to save their lives by fleeing into the forest. The commanders have no way of finding them.

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