The occupiers again hit the Sumy region: there is a victim, policemen exploded on a mine


The invaders hit the Sumy region again: there is a victim, the police exploded on a mine

The invaders shelled the Sumy region all day/Sumy Today

On June 22, Russian invaders were beating the Sumy region throughout the day. Enemy shelling damaged a water tower, a farm and a boarding school.

This was told by the head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration Dmitry Zhivitsky. As a result of enemy shelling, unfortunately, some were killed and wounded.

The occupiers again hit the Sumy region

Zhivitsky said that during the day the Russians fired at the Sumy region from different types of weapons. In total, more than 80 arrivals from artillery were recorded.

At about 9:00, the Russians, for their part, opened fire from machine guns towards the territory of the Yunakovskaya community. At the same time, from 9:00 to 10:00 there was shelling of the Belopolsky society. The invaders hit the villages of Starye Virki and Atinskoye. The invaders damaged once again:

  • the premises of the Ata psycho-neurological boarding school,
  • local farm,
  • water tower,
  • agricultural machinery.

As a result of shelling, received 2 animals were injured, but, fortunately, no one was hurt among the people.

At noon, the enemy fired mortars at the Glukhiv community. At 14:30, the Russians dropped an explosive device from a drone on the Velikopisarevskoye Society. Mortar fire immediately followed. A man died, added Zhivitsky.

Approximately at 15:00 kafirs opened fire from mortars and automatic weapons on the Khotyn community. An hour and a half later, enemy shelling from rocket artillery began there.

After 17:00, the invaders opened fire from rocket artillery on the territory of the Shalygin society. 30 arrivals were recorded there. However, fortunately, there were no casualties or destruction.

An hour later, an enemy drone dropped explosives on the territory of the Hlukhiv community. This incident also took place without casualties.

However, at almost 21:00 on the territory of the Akhtyrsky district, a car of police officers patrolling the territory exploded on an enemy minivan. Two law enforcement officers were injured.

Pay attention! Since June 20, the duration of the curfew has been changed in the Sumy region. Now the restrictions on movement will be in effect from 23:00 to 4:00. Previously, it was forbidden to leave the house between 21:00 and 5:00. During the curfew, only people with the appropriate passes can move around.

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