The occupiers are driving home caravans with “cargo 200”: instead of new tanks – lined scrap metal


Occupiers drive home caravans with "cargo 200": instead of new tanks – broken scrap metal

Occupiers take out the corpses of their soldiers from Mariupol in trucks/Collage of Channel 24

Every day, SBU officers intercept the conversations of the invaders with their relatives. This time it became known that overcrowded trucks of “200” vehicles from Russia were leaving Mariupol.

While some are proud of what they produce in Ukraine and continue to shout out the slogans “grandfathers fought” and “we can repeat.” Others are amazed at what remains of the Russian military.

In 2 weeks, 10 KamAZ trucks with “200” occupiers

During the conversation, the woman on the other side of the phone told who managed to return to Russia after wars in Ukraine. In particular, from Mariupol. She told the occupier what she learned from another military man.

Here they were on the “line”. He brought the division up there. 10 KamAZ trucks were brought in 2 weeks ago. “Cargo 200” from Mariupol. Full, – she noticed with fear in her voice.

She added that in one of the divisions that is now fighting, a lieutenant was killed. And the infidel on the other side of the tube was lucky, because he works on support.

The woman said that Russian tanks resemble “roses”. Like, they are so torn apart.

Columns with “200” leave Mariupol: listen to the conversation 18+

This conversation indicates that the infidels are beginning to see the scale of what is happening in Ukraine. It is doubtful that this will instantly stop their offensive, because there are a lot of real thugs among them. But there are chances that the new ones will not really want to go to war.

Actual losses of enemies during the war

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that as of May 4, they managed to destroy 24.5 thousand invaders. Also, the Russian invaders were left without more than 1,000 tanks and 2,600 armored fighting vehicles.

The past day was also not easy for the Russian invaders. So, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the South sent fifty military men from Russia to the next world. In addition, our fighters disabled enemy equipment, and also destroyed 7 weapons depots.

Another video has appeared on the network. It was published by the Vostok group. On the video you can see the transformation of enemy equipment into scrap metal. And the military from the brigade named after Hetman Ivan Sahaydachny did this.

UAVs are also destroyed every day. 3 Orlan UAVs, as well as one missile, were landed over the Donbass. In the sky over Dnepropetrovsk, our military destroyed another unmanned aerial vehicle.

Infidels, by the way, complain that our soldiers are actively destroying their drones. It is not surprising that the Russian invaders began to use aviation more carefully. Infidels are no longer in a hurry to raise planes and helicopters into the airspace of Ukraine.

And with the Bayraktars, our military is generally on top. With the help of Turkish drones, it was possible to destroy enemy positions on Zmeiny Island.

We sent part of the 38th motorized rifle brigade to hell with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. She managed to neutralize by 60%.

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