The occupiers are in a panic, they cannot be amplified by equipment, – adviser to the head of the Kherson Regional Military District


The occupiers are in panic, they cannot be reinforced by equipment, – adviser to the head of the Kherson OVA

Antonovsky bridge/Video screenshot

Ukrainian defenders are destroying the location of the Russian occupiers, their equipment and ammunition by shelling. The number of these hits not only increases, but also acquires a steady daily increase.

This was announced on the air of Channel 24 by the adviser to the head of the Kherson OVA Serhiy Khlan. He noted that yesterday, July 20, 2022, infidels were destroyed in Skadovsk.

“I want to note that this is already 100 kilometers from the collision line, 100 kilometers from the front line. Our Armed Forces destroyed the headquarters of infidels there and the equipment that was deployed,” Hlan said.

According to him, there were explosions near the Antonovsky bridge, but already from Kherson. The Russians were also stationed there, including their checkpoints with equipment and shells.

Our Armed Forces of Ukraine “jewellery” worked out precisely the Antonovsky Bridge. Why “jewellery”? Because now the damage to the Antonovsky bridge does not make it possible to move heavy weapons along it, bring equipment, ammunition. Sergey Khlan explained.

“The infidels are already in a panic, because they absolutely cannot be strengthened by equipment, bring ammunition. And it is impossible to place them closer to the front line, because we see warehouses being destroyed in Chernobaevka. We see a very powerful series of explosions of ammunition,” the adviser noted . head of the Kherson OVA.

He said that before the Russian military unloaded everything in Oleshki, and now at the stations closer to the Crimea – Kalanchak, etc. They already had a very long logistical duration of supply, and now it is generally impossible.

Repair of the Antonovsky Bridge

Sergei Khlan said that now the occupiers are hastily deciding how to repair the Antonovsky bridge with engineering. However, there are not even specialists in Kherson. And those who are, they do not want to cooperate with the enemy. Therefore, the Russians now want to attract specialists from the Crimea who built the Crimean bridge.

“But we understand that they will not be able to do this. Firstly, it will take a long time, and secondly, our Armed Forces are able to to work,” Sergei Khlan emphasized.

What is the situation in Kherson: the latest news

  • Kafirs appoint increasingly odious characters as their gauleiters. So, the media write, the Russians put a man with the nickname “Schnira” at the head of the Lyubimov community. He is quite qualified, but not in management, but in the sale of moonshine.
  • Russia is preparing the so-called “referenda” in the occupied territories of Ukraine and wants to annex them. Ukrainians are urged to ignore possible “referendums” in order to thwart the Kremlin's plans.

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