The occupiers blocked the exit from Berdyansk with concrete slabs: hundreds of cars are trapped


Departure from Berdyansk the invaders blocked with concrete slabs: hundreds of cars are trapped

The invaders block Berdyansk/KhPG-inform

Russian invaders are turning Ukrainian cities into ghettos, where you can't get in and where you can't get out. People get trapped at the entrance and exit of the city.

Another case was recorded in the Zaporozhye region. There, the Russians blocked the exit from Berdyansk from the direction of Vasilyevka with concrete slabs.

According to the Zaporozhye Regional Military Administration, hundreds of vehicles have not been able to move for several days – neither in one direction nor in the other.

“The occupiers continue to violate the rights of citizens in temporarily occupied settlements of the Zaporizhzhia region – they impede free movement and create artificial conditions for the development of a humanitarian crisis,” the Zaporizhia Regional Police Department noted,

According to the administration, the occupiers will not give permission for the “green corridor” next week, which will further complicate life in the territories occupied by Russia.

Berdyansk under Russian occupation

Berdyansk has become an important place for the Russians who captured it for the first time since the start of a full-scale invasion. They needed this city to continue their offensive against Mariupol.

In addition, this is a large port through which the Russians transferred their military equipment by sea. And it was in this port that the Ukrainians destroyed the first enemy ship – the large landing ship “Saratov”, damaging two more. Now the occupiers use this port to export stolen grain from Ukraine. True, few people agree to buy stolen goods.

After the capture of the city, the invaders put their Gauleiters there to rule. “Merom” there was appointed a man who at one time served a prison term for pedophilia. His “deputy” was an ordinary janitor. The “career leap” was also made by the cleaner of the registry office, which the invaders “entrusted” to manage the institution.

It was Berdyansk that was the city where the residents of Mariupol could flee when the Russian invaders began to mercilessly beat their homes. From there they could get to Zaporozhye, which is under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, thereby getting out from under the Russian occupation.

But subsequently, the Russian invaders began to increasingly block access to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. People were sent to the occupied Crimea and Russia.

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