The occupiers brought goods from Russia and the occupied Crimea to the shops of Zaporozhye


The invaders brought goods from Russia and the occupied Crimea to the stores of Zaporozhye

Russian goods are brought to the empty supermarkets of Berdyansk/Valerie Const, Unsplash

< strong _ngcontent-sc83="">The city of Melitopol has turned into a “big bazaar”. People massively sell and buy any goods right on the streets, trying to somehow survive.

The occupation authorities give people a “warning”, which states that they can only trade in the bazaar. A journalist of channel 24 from Zaporozhye spoke about this live.

He said that the people in Melitopol, who are trying to somehow survive by selling, are forced by the invaders to pay “taxes” so that the self-proclaimed occupying “authority” there was money.

The invaders began to apply the “duty”. In the occupied Primorsk, the occupiers gathered entrepreneurs and offered them to bring products from Crimea so that they could sell them, but set a 20% markup on them – that is, give 20% of their income to the occupiers.

In In temporarily occupied Berdyansk, Ukrainians report that Russian goods have appeared on supermarket shelves. An attempt to sell for rubles failed, prices are in hryvnias.

In addition, goods from the Crimea are also sold in Zaporozhye. For example, in the supermarkets of Berdyansk they noticed soda, which is produced on the territory of the peninsula, as well as salt.

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