The occupiers do not have enough weapons: Putin announced a large-scale increase in production


The occupiers do not have enough weapons: Putin announced a large-scale increase in production

The Russian occupiers do not have enough ammunition. Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin has announced a ramp-up to produce more weapons for the war in Ukraine.

Speaking on Wednesday, March 15, at the collegium of the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia, he noted that the increase in weapons production is “extremely necessary.”

Putin announced the increase in the production of weapons

According to the Russian president, special attention will be paid to the legitimacy and allocation of funding for this initiative.

First of all, from the point of view of the timely fulfillment of obligations to supply the necessary weapons, equipment, ammunition for the needs of the “special military operation”, the exact fulfillment of all tasks of the state defense order, and the effective use of budget funds,” Putin said.

He added that the Russian government allocates a lot of resources to defense needs, allegedly without prejudice to other areas. However, they must be spent rationally, in strict accordance with the law.

“In addition, the prosecutor's office should oversee the modernization of enterprises in the military-industrial complex, including building up capacities for the production of additional weapons. A lot of work is being done here. We urgently need it now and will come in handy in the future,” the dictator believes.

Putin keeps imagining that his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine had no effect on Russia. They say that the terrorist country is on a positive path, and its sovereignty is being strengthened.

“We are with you at the stage of large-scale, positive changes aimed at strengthening the sovereignty of the country, its independence, the future of Russia and creating conditions for its confident development,” the Russian President said.

Invaders are out of ammo

The British Ministry of Defense recently said that artillery rationing for the occupiers on the front line is the main reason for Russia's recent failures in Ukraine. Moscow is likely resorting to using old stockpiles of munitions previously classified as unsuitable for use in war.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on March 14, while visiting Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC in the town of Korolev outside Moscow, instructed Russian manufacturers to double the production of precision-guided weapons, Russian state media reported.

It should be noted that in the first few months of the war, Russia conducted artillery bombardments as if its resources were limitless, but the lack of ammunition undermined this strategy. Analysts estimate that the invaders are now firing about 10,000 shells a day. Last summer their number was 20-30 thousand. In turn, the Ukrainian Defense Forces use about 3 thousand shells per day.

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