The occupiers fired 170 times from “Gradov” and launched one missile attack in the center of Kharkov


Occupiers fired 170 times from

Consequences of shelling in Kharkiv region (illustrative photo)/State Emergency Service

On March 31 Russian occupiers shelled Kharkiv again. The enemy fired from various types of weapons, including Grad and rockets.

The head of the Kharkiv OVA, Oleg Sinegubov, said that over the past day, the occupiers had launched artillery, mortar and tank attacks.

Russian military shelled the following areas:

  • Saltovka;
  • Pyatikhatki;
  • Alekseevka;
  • KhTZ;< /li>
  • Cold Mountain;
  • Kulinichi;
  • Bolshaya Danilovka;
  • Dergachi.

Total, According to Sinegub, about 46 strikes were recorded.

Also, about 170 attacks by the enemy from Grad and one missile attack on the central part of the city were recorded.

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