The occupiers launched a missile attack on one of the industrial enterprises of Slavyansk


The occupiers launched a missile attack on one of the industrial enterprises of Slovyansk

The occupier fired at an industrial enterprise in Slovyansk/s-plus

The Russians continue to launch rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities. Slavyansk became the target of one of these enemy attacks.

Donetsk region remains an active battlefield for the heroes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the Russian occupiers. The enemy continues to shell the civilian population and cause great damage to civilian infrastructure.

The shelling of an industrial facility in Slavyansk

The city of Slavyansk came under fire from Russian invaders. This was announced by the head of the Slavic city military-civilian administration Vadim Lyakh.

He said that yesterday, May 13, one of the industrial enterprises of the city suffered from rocket attacks by the Russians. Vadim Lyakh reminded that in no case should photos and videos be posted online from places where enemy shells hit.

The war of Russia against Ukraine: latest news

  • President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky showed the consequences of the shelling by the Russian invaders of the Kharkiv region. As was known before, the cynicism of the enemy has no limits: the Resolists burn down even children's attractions and parks.
  • According to Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President's Office, Russia is making attempts to end the war on its own terms. In particular, Putin wants to implement his plan through the mediation of France, Germany and Turkey. The occupiers realized their failure and intend to conclude “Minsk-3”. Arestovich assured that Ukraine would not take such a step.
  • In addition, the Russians are very hopeful for an energy crisis that will arise closer to winter. In their opinion, this will force Europe to convince Ukraine of the need to “negotiate on any terms.” Also, the enemy really hopes for the depletion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, the Russian occupiers will do everything possible to drag out the war.
  • However, it will be very difficult for the Russians to realize their intention to drag out hostilities. According to intelligence, the Rashists no longer have combat-ready tactical battalion groups in reserve. The enemy has to quickly mobilize new “cannon fodder” and conscripts, and such troops are not very effective in combat.

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