The occupiers regularly shell the Kherson region: British intelligence officers explained why


Occupiers regularly shell Kherson region: British intelligence officers explained why

Russian invaders continue cynically shelling the Kherson region. In particular, the invaders arrange artillery attacks on the city of Kherson.

This was reported in British intelligence. Recall that the day before, Russian invaders fired at a chess club in Kherson.

Occupiers intensively shell Kherson

In recent days, some of the most intense shelling has taken place along the Dnieper River in southern Ukraine. This included continued Russian artillery shelling of Kherson from the east of the river.

On January 29, local authorities reported three more civilian deaths in Kherson, and two foreign boats on the river were damaged, resulting in an oil spill.< /p>

British intelligence officers noted that Kherson remains the most regularly shelled major Ukrainian city outside the Donbass. In their view, Russia's exact rationale for expending its limited ammunition stocks is unclear here. the Dnieper River, – intelligence emphasized.

What is the situation in the Kherson region: latest news

  • Russian invaders terrorize de-occupied Kherson. On January 29, the city was under a massive enemy attack. According to the Kherson Regional Police Department, the enemy hit residential areas of the city.
  • The Ministry of Health reported that the enemy fired at the regional clinical hospital of Kherson. As a result, a nurse was injured. The woman has already been operated on, she received a moderate wound.
  • Recently, the OVA reported that a car with a man and a woman inside was mutilated by debris from a Russian shell in the Suvorov district. The man was taken away by an ambulance, and the woman died on the spot.
  • According to the information of the Kherson district police department, on January 31, Russian invaders fired at the territory of the Kherson region 42 times. The enemy attacked peaceful settlements of the region with artillery, MLRS and mortars.
  • Kherson was fired by the Russian army 8 times. Due to enemy attacks, the houses of Kherson residents were damaged in the city.
  • Over the past day, due to Russian aggression, 1 person was killed, another resident of the Kherson region was injured.

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