The offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region: a military observer explained why it is too early to rejoice


The offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region: a military observer explained why it is too early to rejoice

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues, and we have made progress. So, on August 29, our military broke through the first line of defense of infidels in the Kherson region. However, experts say it's too early to rejoice.

This Channel 24 said military observer Denis Popovich. He says that representatives of the Ukrainian command indeed confirmed that offensive operations had begun in certain directions.

Popovich noted that, according to the latest data, Ukrainian military occupied the village of Sukhoi Prud. That is, according to him, the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine comes from the bridgehead that they organized on the left bank of the Ingulets River.

The expert added that there was a bridgehead that the Armed Forces of Ukraine held for a long time. It seems that they are now trying to counterattack from it.

But certain reports are coming from the place, talking about rather heavy battles with the enemy. Therefore, in fact, one should be careful with forecasts and should not rush to rejoice, Popovich explained.

The military observer added that it is worth waiting for events, to see how it will unfold.

“But I am very pleased that such reports have begun at all and we are finally advancing in the Kherson region,” he noted he.

UAF Counteroffensive in the South: Latest News

  • Kherson activist Volodymyr Molchanov said that the 109th regiment of the temporarily occupied Donbass retreated from their positions, and Russian paratroopers fled the battlefield . This may indicate a counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • He also stressed that yesterday evening and tonight and morning seemed very “hot” for the Russians. “Indeed, there were a lot of hits, a lot of things burned and detonated, and not only on the front line,” the activist said. the situation in the South is difficult, but controlled . There are quite powerful enemy forces on the spot, they are trying to pull up forces and maneuver their reserves. However, the offensive moves according to the Ukrainian scenario.
  • Ukrainian defenders are urging the Russians to lay down their arms – it will be better for them. “Even in Ukrainian captivity, they will be better off than where they are sent by their commanders,” the OK Yug said. They added that the Ukrainian forces will help the Russians find a way to leave the right bank of the region.

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