The OP commented on Putin's answer to the question about blocking social networks in Russia

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The OP commented on Putin's answer to the question about blocking social networks in Russia

The head of the working group on legislation in the field of Internet technologies and digitalization of the Public Chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation, Vadim Vinogradov, commented on the response of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the question of whether the country is planning to block foreign networks. In a conversation with, the expert also named the tools necessary for IT giants to comply with Russian laws.

Vinogradov said foreign online platforms regularly evade paying fines for violating local laws. According to him, such behavior requires retaliatory measures from the state.

“Among the proposed tools are the restriction of advertising activities, a ban on the conclusion of government contracts and traffic slowdown,” said the head of the working group of the RF OP. He added that online sites are much more afraid of long-term loss of profits than one-time fines.

One of the effective tools Vinogradov considered the recently adopted law “on landing”, which obliges large foreign companies to open local offices in Russia. “It is necessary that international platforms open their offices in our country, with which one can conduct a dialogue. It is important to create equal conditions for Russian and foreign IT business, ”he stressed.

Vinogradov referred to the experience of other countries. According to him, Turkey has succeeded more successfully than other states in making IT giants comply with local laws precisely due to the fact that corporations that refused to open official representative offices were banned from advertising in the country. The expert added that a similar measure can be applied in Russia.

The interlocutor of “” stressed that he considers the Russian digital market promising for large IT companies. “However, in any market there must be clearly defined rules that are uniform for all its participants. In turn, effective measures should be taken against violators, and regulators should have a wide range of such measures, ”he added. Vinogradov concluded that big players will not leave the country because of new regulatory instruments – on the contrary, corporations will “become much more law-abiding” because they will be interested in profit.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country does not plan to block foreign social networks. At the same time, Putin stated that there are problems in the interaction of the Russian authorities with foreign social networks. “They send us away when they do not comply with our requirements and Russian laws,” the president explained.

On June 17, the State Duma adopted in the third reading the law on the “landing” of IT giants. It obliges foreign owners of websites, information systems and programs with a daily Russian audience of more than 500 thousand people to open full-fledged representative offices in the country. The authors of the project believe that the innovation will ensure equal conditions for the implementation of domestic laws between Russian and foreign players.

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