The paratrooper dedicated the destruction of the Russian Ka-52 helicopter to his one-month-old baby


A paratrooper dedicated the destruction of a Russian Ka-52 helicopter to his one-month-old baby

Paratrooper Nazar/80 separate air assault brigade

Russia continues to lose expensive equipment in the war against Ukraine. The paratrooper dedicated one of these downed helicopters to his one-month-old baby.

On June 22, a Russian military helicopter Ka-52 “Alligator” was shot down in the sky over Ukraine. Its cost is about 16 million dollars. And it was shot down from the Igla portable anti-aircraft missile system, developed back in Soviet times, and now it costs about 60 – 80 thousand dollars.

The enemy paratrooper Nazar from the 80th separate airborne assault was shot down -assault brigade.

“On that day, our crew took up combat duty. At about eight o’clock in the morning, three enemy Ka-52 helicopters appeared in the sky from the enemy’s side. They were probably conducting aerial reconnaissance. When the helicopters approached, I aimed my Igla MANPADS at the target, and made a launch. The missile hit the “turntable”! Thick black smoke poured from the downed helicopter,” the paratrooper said.

After that, the successful shooting down of the Russian helicopter was confirmed by brothers from a neighboring position.

Subsequently, the downing of the Russian helicopter was also confirmed at the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the morning of June 23, they published new data on the losses of Russian infidels in the war against Ukraine. Thus, the number of downed helicopters increased to 183 units. More Ukrainian military shoot down drones of the operational-tactical level – there are already 622 of them (as of the morning of June 24). Russia has lost 216 planes during this time.

For a Ukrainian soldier, this is the first target that has been let down. Nazar notes that he dedicated the destruction of the invaders' combat helicopter to his child, who recently turned one month old.

It is worth noting that the downed Ka-52 was not the only “savvy” target of the paratroopers that day. The airborne assault and artillery units of the Lviv brigade of the DShV destroyed two enemy armored personnel carriers and two BMDs.

As of June 24, the Ukrainian military destroyed 3,637 armored combat vehicles and 1,507 enemy tanks. As for the most Russian invaders, about 34,530 of them have already fallen. On June 23, the enemy suffered the greatest losses in the Slavic and Bakhmut directions. These data are approximate, because the battles continue further, and it is not possible to keep an accurate count.

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