The police examined and handed over for examination 269 bodies of the dead residents of Irpin


The police examined and handed over for examination 269 bodies of the dead residents of Irpin

For the examination, the police handed over 269 bodies of the dead inhabitants of Irpin/Irpin Daily

Yesterday, on April 17, the police in Irpin completed all the necessary investigative actions to fix Russian war crimes and handed over 269 bodies of dead residents of the city for examination.

Deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of the National Police of Ukraine Serhiy Panteleyev said this during a briefing on the investigation of war crimes of the Russian Federation.

According to him, the bodies of 259 deadhave already been transferred for appropriate forensic examinations and to establish the causes of death. After that, the bodies will be handed over to relatives for burial.

Panteleev said that according to the testimony of residents who did not leave Irpin and remained there during the occupation, from March 3 to March 27, the occupiers shelled the city every day and fought on the territory cities. It is known that as a result of this, about 30% of the city's infrastructure was destroyed.

7 places of execution of civilian soldiers of Russia were examined, 117 citizens were identified and interrogated, who at the time of the active phase of armed aggression remained on the territory of Irpin, – said the deputy head of the Main Investigative Directorate.

Panteleev also said that the police examined residential areas, private houses and shops where the occupiers were stationed, spent the night and looted for some time.

A separate case on the Rich Town residential complex is ready for transfer to the ISS

Also, according to him, the police worked out one of cases for the transfer of materials to the International Criminal Court (ICC). We are talking about the shelling of the Rich Town residential complex by the Russian military. reported that they had not seen representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That is, in the quarters that came under fire, there were no our servicemen, there were no representatives of the territorial defense, – he stressed.

This information and data will be transferred to the ISS through the Office of the Prosecutor General.

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