The Polish authorities announced their refusal to renew the contract with Gazprom

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The Polish authorities announced their refusal to extend the contract with

Poland does not intend to renew the contract with Gazprom for the supply of Russian gas; the contract expires at the end of next year. This was stated by Plenipotentiary Representative of the Polish Government for Strategic Energy Infrastructure Piotr Naimski on the air of Siódma9.

“The contract with Russia will expire next year, and of course we will not renew it,” a government spokesman said, Forsal reports.

Naimski added that Poland is completing the process of diversifying gas supplies, and by October 1, 2022, the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline will be put into operation, through which gas for the republic will be supplied. The Baltic Pipe project “will allow the import of gas necessary for the Polish economy and all consumers from sources other than Russian,” the official explained. He also noted that thanks to the decision made, Poland will not become dependent on Russia for gas supplies.

The agreement on gas supplies between Gazprom and the Polish state-owned company PGNiG (the so-called Yamal contract) was signed almost 25 years ago – at the end of September 1996. The parties agreed to supply 9.8 billion cubic meters. meters of gas every year. Poland announced its intention to refuse from Russian gas supplies in the fall of 2019. PGNiG CEO Petr Wozniak explained that the decision was made in order to diversify energy supplies, and liquefied natural gas and gas produced in Norway should replace Russian gas.

The Polish authorities announced their refusal to extend the contract with

Naimsky in October 2019 noted that before interrupting the supply of Russian gas, it is necessary to complete the construction of the Baltic Pipe and increase the capacity of the terminal for receiving liquefied gas in Swinoujscie.

The Baltic Pipe project is a gas pipeline that will connect Norwegian gas fields in the North Sea with the Polish gas transmission system through Danish territorial waters in the Baltic Sea. The length of the pipeline will be 230 km; up to 10 billion cubic meters will be supplied to Poland and other European countries through the pipeline. meters of gas annually.

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