The Pope met with the wives of the defenders of Mariupol: they gave him a photo of the wounded soldiers


The Pope met with the wives of the defenders of Mariupol: they gave him a photo of wounded soldiers

The wives of the defenders of Mariupol met with Pope Francis/Andrei Beletsky's telegrams

The wives of the two defenders of Mariupol arrived in the Vatican and met with Pope Francis. The women showed the pontiff photos of the soldiers who are now at Azovstal.

Military and public figure Andrei Biletsky announced the visit of the Mariupol defenders to Pope Francis. He stressed that the whole world should yell about saving our fighters from Azovstal.

What the military squads talked about with the pontiff

To the Vatican Ekaterina Prokopenko, the wife of Denis Prokopenko, the commander of the Azov regiment, and Yulia Fedosyuk, the wife of Arseniy Fedosyuk, a fighter from the same regiment, arrived.

The Pope met with the wives of the defenders of Mariupol: they gave him photos of wounded soldiers

Ekaterina Prokopenko and Yulia Fedosyuk met with Pope Francis/Photo from Andrei Beletsky's telegram

The wives of the military brought to Pope Francis a photo of our military from Azovstal. Andrei Beletsky noted that in an effort to save their men and everyone who is now at Azovstal, women are ready to leave for anywhere in the world.

What does the wife of a fighter feel when writes a man who is now fighting at Azovstal and asks to find an article on how to live without water for as long as possible? Fear that he might never see him. And also – anger from impotence, – Andrey Beletsky signed the photo of the meeting of the military wives with the Pope.

What is the situation in Mariupol: the main thing

  • The situation in Mariupol is critical. Our soldiers are now on the territory of Azovstal. The invaders are trying to storm the plant and strike, but our defenders continue to fight the enemy and assure that they will continue to stand.
  • Civilians of Mariupol were on the territory of the plant. For the first time, some of them were evacuated during the ceasefire, which began to operate on April 30. True, it was supposed to start at 6:00, but the infidels continued shelling. Silence began at 11:00. That day, 20 people were evacuated from the plant.
  • The evacuation continued and thanks to the efforts of the UN and the military, all civilians were evacuated. However, our defenders say that there may still be people under the rubble of the plant.
  • For our military, they ask for an extraction procedure, that is, the removal of our defenders by a third country. The petition has garnered over a million signatures. You can also sign it at .

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