The predicted onset of the ice age on Earth

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Предсказано наступление ледникового периода на Земле

A new ice age will come on the planet in a hundred thousand years. About it in conversation with RIA Novosti said the Professor in Tokyo University (Japan) Masayuki Ikeda.

Assumptions Ikeda and his supporters is based on the theory of the Serbian engineer Milutin Milankovitch, which is associated fluctuations in the amount of sunlight and radiation with the change of the tilt angle of Earth’s axis to the plane of the orbit. The scientist believes that global glaciation would come about a hundred thousand years, but this event depends on the human factor. In particular, important amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.

Masayuki Ikeda told the Agency that the decrease in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and cold with strong monsoons led to increase in the size of the dinosaurs. According to the researcher, is now on the Earth there was a similar climate — the planet is at the peak of the cycle duration of 10 million years. This cycle is characterized by cool and intense monsoon climate and low concentration of carbon dioxide.

The Professor noticed that the main task of scientists is figuring out how this cycle has affected the evolution of dinosaurs, mammals and plants. Based on this, you can adjust the timing of the onset of the ice age.

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