The Presidential Office reported on the de-occupation of the Kharkiv region: how many cities and villages have already been liberated


The OP reported on the de-occupation of Kharkiv region: how many towns and villages have already been liberated

The Ukrainian military is effectively driving the Russian invaders away from our territory. As of September 27, our soldiers managed to liberate 454 settlements in the Kharkiv region.

Infrastructure is being actively restored in the liberated cities and villages. Channel 24 was informed about this in the Office of the President.

How Ukraine returns life to the de-occupied Kharkiv region

  • In the sacked Kharkiv region, 14 police stations resumed their work;
  • 90 educational institutions started online training;
  • 78 paramedical stations resumed work;
  • 23 local governments began to work,
  • 10 branches of Ukrposhta were opened;
  • 6 mobile communication towers, 27 gas supply facilities and 23 power supply facilities have resumed operation.

In Balakliya, power supply has been resumed for 77% of the city's residents. In the near future, food will be resumed in the hospital, clinic, central boiler house, schools and treatment facilities.

Where there is no electricity yet, a reserve supply of equipment and fuel for alternative energy sources is being created. Individual heating equipment is also being purchased for residents of communities,” the Office of the President said.

New ATMs and terminals of PrivatBank will appear in Balakleya in the coming days, and bank branches will open in the village of Zolochiv. Local residents will be able to cash out using exit terminals. In addition, cash is planned to be issued in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Now emergency recovery work is also ongoing in the region. More often it is the replacement of windows and doors, the repair of roofs, facades and utilities.

The authorities have already arranged the delivery of humanitarian aid. In total, 400 tons of aid were delivered to the de-occupied settlements of the Kharkiv region.

In addition, commuter trains from Balakliya, Dergachev and Chuguev to Kharkiv were launched. They also arranged temporary crossings, because many bridges were destroyed.

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